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2019 - BRONZE




Im glad to invite in exhibition in Jūrmala at the Summer 2019.

I will get particiment in, the second Sea-themed Biennale "Marīna 2019" will be held in Jūrmala, the largest resort city on the coast of the Baltic Sea.
Artists, drawing their inspiration from the diversity and the ever-changing nature of the shades of the sea, are invited to participate in the central event of the Biennale – the Competition Exhibition at the Jūrmala City Museum.
More information visit - https://www.jurmala.lv/lv/kultura/izstazu_projekti/biennale__marina_2019_

Fragment from diptich " The thunderstorm in Majori". Oil on canvas, 2019.



  Art lessons
Painting for adults;
Painting with oil colors.
Creative improvisation mixed colors. Ink, pastels. water colors.
Free time art lessons.
For more details welcome to contact!







"Celebration" artists group exhibition
/ November 2018.
Artists group show at fashion concept shop "Aklase", Berga bazārs, Riga. Exhibition open till January 2019.
Welcome, specially fashion lovers. https://www.facebook.com/modesKLASE

Exquise Meal for True Gourmets
/ June 2018
Group exhibition at fashion concept shop "Aklase", Berga bazārs, Riga. Exhibition open till November 2018.

Patricipiants of exhibition with Agnese Valiniece,Ilse KrūkleIneta FreidenfeldeIlze PreisaMaija GraudiņaVeze Viktorija and Sintija Ozola at Berga Bazārs (Bergs Bazaar). at fashion concept shop "Aklase

Artists after plein air at Metras home in Aizpute / August 2018.

With Gunta KrastinaValda Drulle, Anda PoikaneArta DzirkaleGirts Brumsons, Astrida Meirane and Barbala Gulbe in Aizpute.

Memories and dreams. Soloehxibition at Culture Palace "Ziemeļblāzma" / May - june 2018.

Prints, drawings and paintings.


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